Fast & Secure Developer Workspaces

Spend less time configuring environments and more time on coding & team collaboration.

Decrease Time-To-Ship Projects

Save time and build faster with zero setup dev environments

Micro Labs

On demand development environments-Course specific content and all the development tools required preloaded for all the users.


Student-student, student-mentor collaboration through the full access workspaces.


Customize workspaces on demand in terms of memory, storage, cpu, content, programming languages, databases.

SDK Integration

Integrate our solution into your platform by simply embedding our sdk with no backend configuration.

Save Infrastructure Resources

With one tool, everyone sees the whole picture.

Coding Edtech Platforms

Immersive online classroom experience with real time course specific development environments.

Bootcamps & Lambda Schools

One to one & one to many collaboration learning sessions with zero setup & configuration time of workspaces.

Hackathon Platforms

Pre-configured & ready to code workspaces from series of all runtime programming languages.

Freelance Communities

In browser coding workspaces allow users to focus on providing expertise and stop worrying about environment issues.

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