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Stuck with your dev machine? With Yaoe you can -

Increase Productivity

Code better, build with ease and deploy faster.

Linux Terminals

Yaoe workspaces are integrated with linux terminals, you can access your shells with root permissions. Install any library, package or tool.

VS Code Extensions

Fully integrated VS Code extensions support, you can download & install any vscode extension. Get quick access to all VS Code extensions on the workspace.

Browser Hosting

Build an application, run and host in the same workspace. Browser preview support with two default open ports -3000 & 8080.

All Languages Support

Start coding instantly, You can choose a language, database from the list of popular programming languages & databases.

Code from anywhere

Ready to code? Start coding instantly from any browser.

Stay Focused

Yaoe is fast, and performant. Spend more time writing code and less time configuring environments.

Real Time Collaboration

Share and invite multiple users to workspaces. Review and edit faster by real time peer-peer collaboration.

Workspace Actions

Pause, share, delete & manage workspaces with Yaoe's clean dashboard interface. Pay only for the resources you use.

Your Local Machine in Browser

Using local machines? Experience the power of cloud workspaces which are secure, fast & re-usable.

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