The best browsers in the world, run them in cloud

Yaoe is reinventing the browser to make it accessible without downloads, slower loading times and security vulnerabilities.

Our favorite browsers are usually slow.
Introducing Yaoe!
Your personal browser in cloud
Locally installed browsers are limited in functionality.
They need to be installed in different devices and are slow.
Yaoe provides personal remote browsers with enhanced user experience.
VPNs slow down internet speeds by 30%.
With Yaoe
Turn any browser into VPN
Level up your internet privacy by using a much faster and memory efficient Chrome running in a remote powerful machine.
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Browsers use upto 90% of Memory.
We help
Save Memory & CPU
Chrome takes up enough CPU and memory. Now all the heavy lifting is done in cloud so that you can run other applications smoothly.
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Still screen sharing? Switch to co-browsing.
We are
Redefining Co-browsing
Share your chrome browser in real time. Watch videos, review files and give real time customer support.
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Local browsers are unsecure & vulnerable.
We respect
Privacy & Security
Your data is your data, no 3rd party access. Only you can access your own information. Data privacy is one of our core values.
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Browser that is truly remote!
Your personal browser in cloud.
Access from anywhere & any device.
Chrome in the cloudThe most used browser is now in the cloud