Our Motto

We strongly believe that developers should spend their time to Learn, Code and Collaborate.

Yaoe should take care of the rest.

What we do and why ?

Yaoe was founded out of a desire to make software development more efficient through the advent of the cloud.

We are a team of engineers from Bangalore, India and have worn multiple hats like remote freelancer as well as client, open-source contributor, tech-lead, engineering head, CTO and tutor.

We are big fans of good abstractions and have been constantly looking into the future of writing code. As almost all software is being transformed by cloud and powerful modern browsers, the developer's workspace/IDE remained relatively untouched. We see this as an opportunity for us to build Yaoe into everything that a developer's workspace is and should be. We strongly believe advancements in cloud and modern browsers will bring a fundamental paradigm shift in the way code is written and applications are built, and want to be part of this transformation.

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